EN 1347:2007 – Adhesives for tiles – Determination of wetting capability

EN 1347:2007 - Adhesives for tiles - Determination of wetting capability

1 Scope
‘This European Standard specifies the method for the determination of the wetting capability of ceramic tile adhesives.
This European Standard is applicable to all ceramic tile adhesives for internal or external tile installations on walls and floors.
This European Standard does not contain performance requirements or recommendations for the design and installation of ceramic tiles.
NOTE Ceramic tile adhesives can also be used for other types of tiles (natural and agglomerated stones etc.), if they do not adversely affect the stones.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
EN 196-1:2005, Method of testing cement — Part 1: Determination of strength
EN 1067, Adhesives — Examination and preparation of samples for testing
EN 1323, Adhesives for tiles — Concrete slabs for test
EN ISO 15605, Adhesives — Sampling (ISO 15605:2000)
3 Sampling
Take a sample of at least 2 kg of the adhesive in accordance with EN ISO 15605 and EN 1067.
4 Test conditions
Standard conditions shall be (23 ± 2) °C and (50 ± 5) % R.H. and a speed of air in the testing area less than 0,2 m/s.
5 Test materials and apparatus
5.1 General
Condition all test materials (adhesive etc.) for at least 24 h under standard conditions. The adhesive to be tested shall be within its shelf life, where this is specified.
5.2 Glass plates
Clean, dry glass plates of dimensions (100 ± 1) mm × (100 ± 1) mm × (6 ± 0,5) mm, with ground edges.
5.3 Concrete slab
The concrete slab shall comply with EN 1323.
5.4 Notched trowel
A notched trowel having 6 mm × 6 mm notches at 12 mm centres.
5.5 Weight
A mass capable of exerting a force of (50 ± 0,5) N with a cross sectional area of less than (100 ± 1) mm x (100 ± 1) mm.
6 Mixing of adhesive
The amounts of water and/or liquid admix required for preparing the adhesive shall be as stated by the manufacturer in parts by mass (i.e. liquid to dry powder). If a range of values is given, the average shall be used.
Prepare a minimum quantity of 2 kg of the adhesive in a mixer of the type described in 4.4 of EN 196-1:2005,using the slow speed settings, (140 ± 5) rpm and (62 ± 5) rpm planetary movement.
Carry out the following procedure:
pour the liquid into the pan;
scatter the dry powder over the liquid;
mix for 30 s;
take out the mixing paddle;
scrape down the paddle and pan within 1 min;
replace the paddle and mix for 1 min.
If required, let the adhesive mature in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, followed by a further mixing for 15 s.
In the case of ready-to-use dispersion adhesives or reaction resin adhesives follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
EN 1347:2007 – Adhesives for tiles – Determination of wetting capability

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