Specification for safety requirements for children’s travel cots of internal base length not less than 900 mm

Specification for safety requirements for children's travel cots of internal base length not less than 900 mm

BS 7423:1999 pdf free.Specification for safety requirements for children’s travel cots of internal base length not less than 900 mm.
6.6 When tested in accordaiwe with annex I) the folding cot shall not fold and the locking mechanism shall either:
a) require at least two consecutive actions to release the mechanisms. the first reqLlirng a release of not less than 50 N and the second being (leIwn(lent on the first having hcCfl CiUTICd out afl(l maintained; or
b) require at least Iwo separate but simultaneous actions to release the mechanisms, one of which requinng an operating force of not less than So N, and both operating on different principles; or c) have two locking mechanisms separated by a (lLstance of at least 85() mm to be operated simultaneously.
Folding cots that fold toward the inside shall be
qui),tsl wit Li at hast two locking iiecltauiisiiis which conform to one of the above. Where the weight of the child on the travel cot base has a positive effect on the locking, this shall not be considered as one of the locking mechanisms.
6.7 There shall be no part of the stnicture inside the cot that presents an entrapment hazard.
6.8 Any flexible plastics sheet material shall not contain bubbles or L)hsters and shall be free front creases of a permanent nature, streaks, pinholes and specks of foreign matter.
6.9 If the travel cot has a padded rim, when tested ill accordance with iIfl(X F, the material covering the rim shall not be cut or punctured. Marking of the surface shall not con.stitute a failure.
6.11 Framework that joins to a V formation where both members extend above a horizontal line taken along the point of juncture shall meet at an angle of at least 70° when the travel cot is in an upright position. Examples are shown in Figure 2.
6.12 All staples shall be loaded in sheer and shall be fully driven home.
7.1 Travel cots shall be permanently niarked with the following:
a) the name, trade mark or other means of identification of either the UK manufacturer. UK distributor or UK retailer,
1)) the number and elate of this British Standanl, i.e. BS 7423:l999).
7.2 All travel cots shall bear a permanent label in a conspicuous location and attached along all las edges giving the following information:
a) the warning ‘For correct and safe fitting, the mattress to be used with this cot. should be not less than X mm in length and Y mm in width nor more than X + 40 mm in length or more than V + 40 mm in width”;
b) the wanung When folded, store away from children”;
c) the warning “Do not use if any part is broken, torn or missing”.
7.3 On any fabric sided travel cot that has drop sides, the following warning shall be given on a label permanently attached at or near the top of the travel cot:
“WARNING. Never leave travel cot. with sides down”.
8 Instructions for use Instructions conceriilng correct and safe assembly and use of the travel cot shall 1w lro%ided. The instructions shall be 1)reCLSe, unambiguous and shall be headed IMPORTANT — READ INSTRLTCTIONS CAREFULLY AND KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE’. The’ insinictions shall be in the English language, but this shall not exclude the additional use of other languages. The Inst fictions shall include the following:
a) an assembly drawing, a list and description of all pails and tools required for assembly and a diagram of the bolts and other fastenings re(luired. rl1ere necessary, attention shall be drawn to the need to carry out the operations needed to assemble the cot in the correct order in the interests of safety and to the fact that these operations should be completed before use. Attention shall be drawn to the need for secure tightening awl nuuntmunence of bolts and other fastenings;
b) a warning that the travel cot should be kept away from trailing cords and flexes.
9 Packaging
Plastics used as packaging shall be not less than 38 pum thick unless the packaging comes in one or more of the following categories:
a) bags with an opening perimeter of less than 380 mm;
b) shrunk-on film packaging, that is normally destroyed when the packaging is opened by the user,
c) bags made of perforated film, that makes it possible for the child to breathe through the flm,and that is unable to form a vacuum, and stick to the face of the child.
To conform to item c) any area of maximum dimensions 30 mm X 30 mm shall have a minimum hole area of 19%.BS 7423 pdf free download.Specification for safety requirements for children’s travel cots of internal base length not less than 900 mm

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