EN 13212:2011 – Road marking materials – Requirements for factory production control

EN 13212:2011 - Road marking materials - Requirements for factory production control

4.2 System requirements
4.2.1 Personnel The responsibility, authority and the relationship between personnel that manages, performs or verifies work affecting product conformity, shall be defined. This applies in particular to personnel that need to initiate actions preventing product non-conformities from occurring, actions in case of non-conformities and to identify and register product conformity problems. Personnel performing work affecting product conformity (e.g. operator, sample taking, lab-assistant, warehouse manager…) shall be competent on the basis of appropriate education, training, skills and experience for which records shall be maintained.
4.2.2 Installations and equipment All weighting, measuring and testing equipment necessary to achieve, or produce evidence of conformity shall be calibrated or verified and regularly inspected according to documented procedures, frequencies and criteria. Control of monitoring and measuring devices shall comply with the appropriate clause of EN ISO 9001. All equipment used in the manufacturing process shall be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure use, wear or failure does not cause inconsistency in the manufacturing process. Inspections and maintenance shall be carried out and recorded in accordance with the manufacturer’s written procedures and the records retained for the period defined in the manufacturer’s FPC procedures. The manufacturer shall have a scheme or a flow sheet of the plant equipment, resuming the whole production process, from the incoming of the raw material to the storage of the products. This document is the basis for the documentation of the manufacturing processes (see 4.2.4).
4.2.3 Raw materials The specifications of all incoming raw materials and components shall be documented, as shall the inspection scheme for ensuring their conformity. The verification of conformity of the raw material with the specification shall be in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008, 7.4.3. The manufacturer shall prepare and keep up-to-date documented procedures and instructions for:  the use of the relevant materials from “approved suppliers”;
the conformity control and testing of raw materials: cullets (glass composition), binder, pigment, fillers, solvent, additive, premix glass beads;
drop-on antiskid aggregates (also used in mixtures with glass beads) may be either CE-marked products or they shall be tested by the manufacturer as in (acting as a user).
4.2.4 Design process The FPC system shall document the various stages in the design of products; identify the checking procedure and those individuals responsible for all stages of design.
EN 13212:2011 – Road marking materials – Requirements for factory production control

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