EN 10021:2007 – General technical delivery conditions for steel products

EN 10021:2007 - General technical delivery conditions for steel products

4 Information to be supplied by the purchaser
4.1 The purchaser shall select the steel grade, the shape of the product and the dimensions, taking the intended processing and use into account. He may take the manufacturer’s advice in making his choice.
The order shall provide all the information necessary for describing the required product and its characteristics and details concerning delivery, e.g.:
a) mass, length, area, number of pieces;
b) the product form (it may be a drawing number for example);
c) the nominal/specified dimensions;
d) the tolerances on the characteristics in a), b) and c);
e) the steel designation;
f) the delivery conditions (type of heat treatment, surface treatment etc.);
g) the specific requirements for surface and/or internal quality (see 7.4);
h) the type of inspection document (see EN 10204) if required;
i) the inspection requirements when not specified in the product specification (see Clause 8);
j) the requirements for marking, packing and loading;
k) any optional (supplementary) requirements provided for by the specification to apply.
4.2 The information in 4.1 shall be specified either by reference to one or more standards or, in the absence of a standard, by stipulation of the required characteristics and conditions.
If, in an order, reference is made to a given standard without specifying its edition date, this reference shall be interpreted as being the latest edition at the date of the order acknowledgment.
5 Manufacturing process
The manufacturing process shall be left to the discretion of the manufacturer unless otherwise agreed at the time of enquiry and order or otherwise specified in the product specification.
NOTE The manufacturing process covers all operations up to the delivery of the product.
6 Supply by an intermediary
When a product is supplied by an intermediary, he shall submit to the purchaser, without any changes to it, the manufacturer’s documentation.
This documentation from the manufacturer shall be accompanied by suitable means of identification of the product,in order to ensure the traceability between the product and the documentation (see Clause 10).
EN 10021:2007 – General technical delivery conditions for steel products

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