BS EN 13756:2002 – Wood flooring — Terminology

BS EN 13756:2002 - Wood flooring — Terminology

1 General trms horizontal structure within a building comprising the_ primary structure and/or the sub-floor and the flooring assembly of individual wood elements installed either on the primary strucure or on the subfloor non-continuous/continuous support system between the wood flooring and the primary structure wood flooring with a top layer thickness of minimum 2,5 mm prior to installation (conventional definition) rigid floor covering consisting of an assembly of elements with a core made from a wood based panel with a top layer of wood veneer
2 Products smallest individual piece or the smallest piece as delivered prior to installation long solid (single-layer) wood element with parallel sides, prepared to a regular thickness and constant profile(s) with or without profiled edges and/or ends, capable of being assembled with other analogous elements flooring board made up from individual elements by edge glueing and/or end jointing element of laminated construction consisting of a top layer of solid wood and additional layer(s) of wood, or wood-based materials, glued togelther
narrow and generally short flooring element element with an interlocking system with a thickness which renders it suitable for laying on a continuous supporing surface pre-assembled laying unit made up from parquet elements element of solid sawn wood of small dimensions and rectangular shape, having flat edges parquet element of small . dimensions having flat edges shaped piece of wood intended to form the frame of a wood flooring or to form a joint between different types of foorings
BS EN 13756:2002 – Wood flooring — Terminology

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