BS EN 13299:2000 – Fertilizers Ð Determination of flow rate

BS EN 13299:2000 - Fertilizers Ð Determination of flow rate

1 Scope
This European Standard specis a method for the determination of the flow rate of free flowing solid frtilzers-. The method Is not applcable to powder materials (< 0.,5 mm) or liming matrials. 2 Normative references This European Standard inoorporates by dated or undated referenoe, provisions frorm other publications.” hese normative referenoes are cited at the appropriate places in the text and the publications are lsted hereater. For dated references, subsequent amendments to or revisions of any of these publications apply to this European Standard only when inorporated in it by amendment or revision. For undaled references the latest ed tin of the publicaton relerred to applies. EN 1236. Ferilzers . Deteminarion of bulk densily (oose) (ISO 394:1992 moorned. Iso 3310-1, Test sleves - Technical requvements and testing- Part 1: Test sieves of metal wire cloth. 3 Principle Measurement of the time taken for 2 kg of frillzer to flow from a allbrated funnel into a vessel placed on a balance. 4 Apparatus 4.1 Balance. with a capacity of at least 3.5 kg and capable of weighing to an accuracyof+1g- 4.2 Funnel, s specifid in EN 1236 made of stainless steel. The slide of this funnel shall be such that the orifice is completely clear when the slide s in the open position. 4.3 Cllecting vesse, capable of hoking at least 3 kg of frilizer, for example. 4.4 Stop-watch, with an arcuracy of0,1 s 4.5 Woven wire test sieves, contorming lo IS0 3310-1 with aperture sizes 3,55 mm and 4.0 mm. 4.6 Glass balls, for calbratin of the funnel, conforming to the fllowin requirements: -Diameter: 4 mm士0.3 mm; - Form: spherical; - Material glass of density 2,5 kg/dm3; -Surface polshed. Before use, sieve the glss balls using the 4.00 mm and 3,55 mm sieves (4.5) and use only those which pass the 4.00 mm siewe and remain on the 3,55 mm sieve. 5 Test portions Weigh two representative test porions of about 3 kgt 100 9 each, taken from the test sample. 6 Calibration of the funnel 6.1 Pour 3kg土100 g of the sieved gass balls (4.6) into the dosed funnel (4 2). Place the balance (4.1) under the funnel and stand the cllecing vessel (4.3) on it. Simultaneously, fllyl open the slide of the funnel and start the stop-watch. 6.2 Stop the stop-watch when the balance indicates 2 kg and close the slide a the same time. Record the time to the nearest 0,1 s. 6.3 Weigh the actual amount of glass balls ollected in the vessel to the nearest 1 g. The corrected flow time of exatly2 kg of glass balls is calculated according to equation (1)] BS EN 13299:2000 – Fertilizers Ð Determination of flow rate

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