BS EN 13090:2000 – Means for reseal ing threaded joints of gas pipework in buildings

BS EN 13090:2000 - Means for reseal ing threaded joints of gas pipework in buildings

This European Standard specifies the properties and the test methods of sealants used to reseal ! threaded joints of metallic gas pipework in buildings operated at a maximum allowed operating pressure of 100 mbar (such sealants hereafter are referred to as “sealants”).
Note Gas pipework in buildings is in accordance with EN 1775 the pipework between the point of delivery and the inlet connection to the gas appliance.
This Standard is applicable to sealants for threaded joints of metallic gas pipework, in buildings, carrying fuel gases of the 1δΈ–t family (town gas), 2nd family (natural gas), and 3″ family (liquefied petroleum gases (LPG)) (see EN 437) but not including liquefied petroleum gases in the liquid state.
Sealing materials for the installation of metallic threaded joints are specified in EN 751.
2 Normative References
This European Standard incorporates by dated or undated reference, provisions from other publications. These normative references are cited at the appropriate places in the text and the publications are listed hereafter. For dated references, subsequent amendments to or revisions of any of these publications apply to this European Standard only when incorporated in it by amendment or revision. For undated references the latest edition of the publication referred to applies (including amendments).
3 Terms and definitions
For definitions concerning gas pipework in buildings reference is made to EN 1775.
4 Requirements
4.1 Requirements to be met by the sealant as received
4.1.1 Ettect on metals
Sealants shal not cause any corrosion of any metal pipe material.
4.1.2 Effect on seals
Sealants shal not impair elastomer seals according to EN 549:1994. This requirement is not relevant for anaerobic sealants.
4.1.3 Etlect on combustion behaviour of fuel gases
Sealants shall not impair the combustion of fuel gases in gas appliances or the operation o safety,control or metering equipment.
4.2 Requirements to be met by the sealant after assembly
4.2.1 Sealing properties
Gas piping systems sealed by sealants shall be sound under the conditions laid down in 6.2.1. Ettect of gas condensate on sealants
The sealing poperies of sealants shall not be impaired by gas condensates. Effect of vibration
The sealing properties of sealants shall not be impaired by the ffeet of vibrations.
4.2.2 Disassembly of joints
It shall be possible to disassemble resealed joints, using commercial tools, without damaging any of
the threads.
BS EN 13090-2000

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