BS EN 12323:2005 – AIDC technologies ——Symbology specifications ——Code 16K

BS EN 12323:2005 - AIDC technologies ——Symbology specifications ——Code 16K

This document:
specifies the requirements for the multi row bar code symbology known as “Code 16K””;
specifies “Code 16K” symbology characteristics, data character encodation, dimensions, folerances, decodingalgorithms and user-defined application parameters;
describes a subset of “Code 16K” assigned to EAN lnternational.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For dated references,only the edition cited applies.For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including anyamendments) applies.
EN1556:1998,Bar coding – Terminology
EN ISO/EC 15416,Information technology —Automatic identification and data capture techniques — Bar code printquality fest specification —Linear symbols (1SO/EC 15416:2000)
ISO/IEC 646:1991,Information technology — ISO 7-bit coded character set for information interchange
ISO/EC 8859-1:1998, Information technology — 8-bit single-byte coded graphic character sets — Part 1:Latinalphabet No.1
ISOIEC 15424, Information technology — Automatic identification and data capture techniques —Data Carrierldentifiers (sncluding Symbology ldentifiers)
EAN-uCC General Specifications (EAN Irnternational。Brussels)
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this European Standard, the terms and definitions given in EN 1556:1998 and the followingapply.
guard bar
additional bar used to separate the trailing space of a start character from the leading space of the first symbolcharacter iin a row
mode character
symbol character in the first position after the start character in the first row of a symbol, used to define the initialcode set and any implied speciall characters
separator bar
horizontal bar separating two rows of a symbol or abutting the top or bottom of the first or last row respectively
4 Requirements
4.1 Symbology characteristicsThe characteristics of “Code 16K” are:
a)encodable character set
1)all 128 AScll characters, i.e.ASCll characters 0 to 127 inclusive, in accordance with ISOIEC
2)characters with ASCll values 128 to 255 in accordance with lISO 8859-1:1998 may also be encoded.
3)4 non data function characters;
4) code set selection characters;
5)7 shift characlers;
6)8 start characters;7)8 stop characters;8)1 pad character;
b)code type: continuous,multi row;
c)elements per symbol character: 6, comprising 3 spaces and 3 bars,each of 1,2, 3 or 4 modules in width;dcharacter self-checking: yes;
e)row self-checking: yes;
f)symbol width: 81X inclusive of minimum quiet zones;
g)symbol height variable (2 to 16 rows);
h)bidirectionall decoding: yes;
i)number of symbol check characters: 2, mandatory (see Annex Ay;
BS EN 12323:2005 – AIDC technologies ——Symbology specifications ——Code 16K

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